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Tiffany Quay Tyson Posts

Motivation and Bad Characters

In writing workshops someone is always asking about the motivation of your characters. What’s her motivation here? His motivation isn’t clear. I don’t see what motivates them to make these choices. In fiction, as in real life, people like to be able to understand why someone does what he does. A character who…

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Hard To Know For Sure

In the 1990s I worked for the PBS station in Austin, Texas. Our offices and studios were located in the communications building, which sat in the shadow of the infamous UT Tower. The tower was most famous for being ground zero for one of America’s first mass school shootings. In…

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Break the Rules

Last week I sat in the Memphis airport and waited to board a United Airlines flight. My dog was on my lap. My dog is a 10-pound, 10-year-old, double dapple miniature dachshund named Maui. Most people love Maui. She is small and cute and charming. When Maui travels with me she…

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Oh, Mississippi!

As some of you know, I’m in Mississippi for a few weeks while my mother recovers from knee surgery. I haven’t spent such a long stretch of time here since I moved away at the age of 21. I love my life in Denver, but there is a reason I…

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You Can’t Ask Me to Pay for That

The current president’s proposed budget eliminates funding for the National Endowment for the Arts, abolishes the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, guts the Environmental Protection Agency, and slices community block grants to the bone. It gives more money to the military and, I assume, border walls. There doesn’t seem to be much logic behind…

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