I’m Nobody! Are You Nobody Too?

Each year, Lighthouse Writers Workshop in Denver enlists a series of guest bloggers for its Lit Counts series. It’s a lead-up to Colorado Gives Day and it offers writers the opportunity to blog about why literature matters. Head over to the Lighthouse Blog to read my entry this year.

If you are a Denver-area writer, reader, lover of all things literary, I hope you’ll donate to Lighthouse Writers Workshop on Colorado Gives Day. If you’re currently working on a novel, I encourage you to consider the Advanced Narrative workshop I’ll be teaching beginning January 12. We’ll be focusing on story—what works, what doesn’t, what might. Workshops like these kept me on track when I was drafting my first novel. I never would have finished anything, much less published anything, without Lighthouse.

I look forward to spending time with fellow writers who value literature.

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