The President is a Big Fat Sexist Jerk

The president of the United States has too many opinions about women.

Earlier this week he called over a reporter from Ireland and flirted with her while he was on the phone with Ireland’s new prime minister. “I bet she treats you well,” he said, as if the reporter were a mistress rather than a person with a job to do. It was a bizarre moment. Not half as bizarre as his Tweet-storm earlier today attacking Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski. He called Brzezinski crazy, insulted her intelligence, and accused her of having a facelift— something that is neither against the law nor the norms of society given her daily presence on television. Also something that is none of his business.

Dragging America down one mean tweet at a time

I don’t watch Morning Joe. I don’t know what Brzezinski said to set the president off and I don’t care.  It is beneath the office of the president to engage in these antics. It was bad enough when he accused Megyn Kelly of “bleeding from wherever” and insulted Carly Fiorina’s face during the presidential debates. It is so much worse now that he is in office. This sort of behavior would be frowned upon in most frat houses.

This is not his first foray into lobbing insults at a woman who dared to make her own decisions about her face or body. Back on that bus with with Billy Bush, the then C-list reality star talked about a woman he’d once pursued (“I moved on her like a bitch”) and how disappointed he was years later to see she’d gotten plastic surgery (“big phony tits”). I’m all for aging naturally and gracefully, but I also believe every person has the right to make her own choices about such things. It is not a moral decision, simply a personal one. I wonder if the president is under the delusion that Melania will continue to look the way she does without any intervention? Maybe it won’t matter. Maybe he’ll marry an even younger woman when Melania shows signs of inappropriate aging. It’s worked for him in the past.

But whatever he thinks about a woman’s appearance or sanity or intelligence, he really ought to keep it to himself. He is no longer a bumbling bankrupt real estate failure who can’t get enough of seeing his own name in big sparkly letters; he is the president of our country and he is supposed to represent us to the rest of the world. He keeps telling us that other countries have spent the last eight years laughing at us, but the truth is that our reputation plummeted when he took office. And for good reason. When the rest of the world sees our president behaving like a drunk uncle on Christmas eve, of course they are laughing at us. I expect a few of them are crying as well.

Shame on you, Mr. President. And shame on all of us.


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