The Mansplainer in Chief is Throwing a Tantrum

Why aren’t these women doing anything about it?

Poor Theresa May. Apparently Donald Trump told her how to do Brexit, but she didn’t listen. If only she’d taken his advice England would be peeling away from the European Union like a week-old sunburn. No fuss. No muss.

And German Chancellor Angela Merkel keeps agitating Trump by running her country without consulting him. She’s all pro-immigration and anti-trade war, which is exactly the opposite of what Trump would recommend. But she doesn’t ask for his opinion. What is she thinking?

Fortunately, another woman has identified the problem and you won’t be surprised to learn that the blame lies with May and Merkel. Consider this analysis from a story in The Washington Post:

“I think it is much more about their approach to him,” said Danielle Pletka, the vice president for foreign policy at the conservative American Enterprise Institute. “Both of them have been confrontational toward him and that’s not a good way to manage Donald Trump in my opinion.”

Well said, Ms. Pletka. It’s obvious that two of the most powerful women in the world should stroke a fragile man’s ego rather than express their opinions in a forceful and direct way. Absolutely. What sort of world are we living in if a woman can just disagree with a man and experience no consequences? That’s nuts!

These women probably also support hippie-dippie ideas like breast feeding and equal pay and an end to nonconsensual pussy-grabbing, but their priorities are out of whack. The only thing these women should worry about is how to placate, flatter, and appease an irrational, self-centered, demanding little dictator.

I think I know what the problem is. Neither of these women have given birth to a child. They didn’t have to deal with the demands of an infant. People say being a mother is the world’s most important job, albeit an unpaid one. Maybe this is why motherhood is so important. It’s a training ground for learning how to deal with a certain type of insanity. It teaches women to respond to irrational demands with patience and a soft voice. We’ve got a cranky baby running roughshod through the world right now and these women refuse to coddle him. What are they thinking?

If these women can’t soothe and flatter Trump, maybe Putin can calm his tantrums. A bit of Russian pablum and a lullaby of lies ought to make Trump feel better. It’s certainly worked in the past.


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