Megyn Kelly Needs to Go

Apparently Megyn Kelly was forced to apologize on air this morning for a segment in which she said she didn’t understand why blackface Halloween costumes were offensive. Well, Al Roker was offended and said so. His criticism and the criticism of others resulted in Kelly’s tearful, well-scripted apology.

I have one question: how does this woman still have a job?

I know people who have been fired for much less. In high school, I was let go from a job at Wicks ‘N’ Sticks because I refused to miss a dance performance for an extra shift at the mall. Look, I hate scented candles; yet I was way more qualified for that job than Megyn Kelly appears to be for hers.

Maybe Megyn Kelly really is ignorant of the long and shameful history of blackface, but shouldn’t that level of ignorance be disqualifying for the job she holds? Shouldn’t NBC require its hosts to have a baseline level of cultural literacy and good sense? I’m aware that the multi-hour spectacle branded as The Today Show hardly qualifies as news, but it is where the news is reported and there should be some standard for the people hired to spout opinions for the better part of a day. Of course, this is the same network and show that gave Matt Lauer plenty of space to exert his perversions on the women in his orbit.

This was not some one-off blunder for Megyn Kelly, either. She’s been spouting her racist narrative for years. NBC hired her even after she assured all the children of America that both Santa Claus and Jesus are definitely white men. No one should reach the age of 40 in America while clinging to the myth of white Jesus.

I don’t believe that every person who makes an offensive statement in public should be fired; sometimes a person learns, apologizes, and does better. But this is a pattern for Kelly. She keeps doing the same thing over and over again. Yet she manages to keep her cushy job. Why? If you’ve watched her for five minutes on air, you know she’s easily replaced.

The only way to make sure Megyn Kelly won’t say some new racist thing on the air next week or next month is to take her off the air. She might be better off working in a job where she isn’t publicly spouting her opinions. I suggest a job at the local mall. I think she could probably sell a candle or two. And if she can’t? Well, at least her stupid statements won’t be broadcast for all the world to hear. 

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