See Something, Say Something

Learn how to spot the monster in your community.

We need to stop coddling whole groups of people because we’re afraid to offend. We need to stop pretending that we don’t know what a monster looks like or sounds like. We do know. We’ve known for some time now. We can’t allow some misguided sense of political correctness to stop us from pointing out the monsters who live among us.

I know not everyone who looks like a monster is a monster, but how can we separate the good ones from the bad ones in a crowd full of strangers? We can’t. So let’s judge them all with suspicion until we prove them harmless. Let’s put them on no-fly lists and pull them out for extra screening at the airport. Let’s demand they remove their headwear in public places and that they keep their hands visible at all times. Let’s call the police whenever we see too many of them gathered in one place. And let’s call the police if we see them loitering or working with sharp tools or starting a fire in a public place, even if that fire happens to be in a barbecue grill. 

Let’s perform random stops and searches on anyone who fits the profile. If they commit even a small crime, let’s prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. Jaywalking? Littering? Trespassing on a neighbor’s lawn? Lock ’em up! We can’t be afraid to make an example of any member of this violence-prone group. And let’s be careful about hiring too many of them or admitting them to our universities. 

Some will say this goes too far, that you cannot judge a group by the actions of a few members. But by the time these radical monsters show up at your place of worship or your children’s school or your local movie theater, it will be too late. 

So how will you recognize these potential monsters? Well, you’ll know them by their marital status. You’ll know them by their skin color. You’ll know them by their gender. You’ll know them by the clothes they wear. You’ll know them by the ideology they spew on social media and in angry letters to the editor of the local newspaper.

Don’t overthink it. Here’s what you’re looking for: single white men who wear baseball caps all year round and spew anger online or in public forums. Proceed with extreme caution around these monsters. Be vigilant. If you meet one over the age of 30 who still lives with his mother? Turn him in. If you meet one who “collects” weapons, particularly guns? Turn him in. If you meet one who likes to tinker with electronics? Turn him in. If you meet one who spends too much time online? Turn him in. If you meet one who spends too much time alone or too much time with people just like him? Turn him in.

Spare me your lectures about how this is too wide-sweeping and how most single white men are harmless. Your bleeding heart philosophies put the rest of us in danger. We can’t keep allowing these potential monsters to intrude on spaces that are supposed to be safe. We know there are rapists among them and mass murderers and drug dealers. We’ve seen it time and again. We can’t continue to give them the presumption of innocence when so many of them are guilty.

If you see someone who fits the description of these potential monsters, say something. If you live next door to one, call the police and report any suspicious activity. If you’re sheltering one of these monsters in your home, know that you will be complicit if he turns violent. I know you say he won’t, but what evidence do we have of that?

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