The Show Must Go On

You know that old theatre adage that says a bad dress rehearsal predicts a great opening night? No? Well, clearly you didn’t spend your college years slinking around the wings of your university theatre. I did, and let me tell you, the theatre (pronounced “the-ate-ah”) is a superstitious place. You aren’t supposed to whistle backstage or say the name of a particular Scottish play or wish anyone “good luck.” All of these things will doom your production to chaos and bankruptcy.

It’s pronounced “the-ate-ah”

So, in the bright light of morning, I’ve decided to consider the Iowa caucuses a dress rehearsal. Caucus-goers were whistling and saying all the wrong phrases and trying to use apps when an abacus would do. It was embarrassing and chaotic. In the interest of retaining my sanity, I choose to view it as a good omen.

That terrible night in Iowa must (must) mean that the real elections—the big one in November and the state primaries on Super Tuesday—will go smoothly. We’ll get standing ovations. We’ll get record turnout. We’ll get candidates with experience and integrity. We’ll get unassailable results. We’ll elect someone with no history of sexual assault. Or fraud. Or failure to pay employees. Or shady connections with hostile foreign governments. Or multiple business failures. Or racist ideas. Or environmental ignorance.

Hey, maybe we’ll even elect someone who knows where Kansas City is! I know, I know, it’s a lot to hope for. But if a bad dress rehearsal means we’re going to have a good show, we’re due for a spectacular performance.

Surely the world is tired of a show where the star is a bloviating, deceitful, corrupt man in a bad suit and where the supporting players are a bunch of men (and a few women) who care so little about ethical integrity that they play with fidget spinners while democracy crumbles.

I guess we’ll find out soon enough, because Iowa is behind us and the show must go on.

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2 thoughts on “The Show Must Go On”

  1. The world is quite tired of this sh*t-show, but unfortunately, the world doesn’t get much of a say on the matter. Or a vote. Let’s hope that those of us who do will do right by the world, this time.

  2. I agree, Tiffany. A much-needed dress rehearsal occurred last night. Hopefully the results of the caucus will come out accurately — sooner than later. It was quite chaotic! But, I hope a lot was learned from it.
    ALSO – As a native of Kansas City, it was infuriating that the President didn’t know that KC is in MO. Additionally, the video of Trump acting up during the anthem at his own Super Bowl game party was not a surprise although it was Trump who made Kapernik (sp?) lose his football job! And, did you notice in that video that Melania’s hand is over her right side . . . . not her heart!! She doesn’t know which side her heart’s on??? We must get the Dems out to vote this November!! I can’t this anymore!!

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