Shelter in Place, 10 a.m.

photo of food

Breakfast is over. It’s hours before lunch. 
We’re home and we’re hungry, 
We might as well munch 
On stale pita with pickles, 
Olives and cheese, 
A handful of Fritos, 
A hunk of ripe brie, 
A too-soft banana, 
A too-hard salami, 
A smear of Nutella, 
Peach jam and pastrami. 

How about fried potatoes with sea salt and pepper? 
Or butter smeared radishes dipped in soft feta. 
Shakshuka, shrimp stir fry, creamed spinach, roast duck, 
Long beans, short ribs, edamame, ground chuck.

Beef stew with carrots,
Gumbo with crab,
Spicy shrimp curry,
Bacon—thick slab.

I’ll take macaroni and ramen and rice. 
Is that a cookie? I’ll eat it! 
A cookie sounds nice. 
Bring me rice pudding and cinnamon cake. 
Bring me ice cream, hot fudge, a vanilla milkshake. 

I want soft-boiled eggs. 
I want buttered toast. 
You want some? Help yourself.
Not too much!
I want most. 

Tiffany Quay Tyson
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