Warren is the daughter of working class parents, a mother, a former public school teacher turned Harvard professor turned U.S. Senator. She is an all-American success story, a woman who built a good life based on hard work, determination, grit, and common sense. She is the sort of woman we point to when we say to young girls, “you can do anything if you just work hard enough.” And she’s exactly the sort of woman girls will point to when they say, “no, we can’t, you won’t let us.”

Not All Women

What will we be, after all, if men don’t chase us and whistle at us and tell us we’re pretty? What will we be if they don’t need us to cook and clean and raise their children? What will we be if they don’t call us or ask us to dance?

Don’t Blame Us

It’s sort of like a person on a diet who knows the only way he’ll be able to resist the temptation of ice cream is to avoid bringing ice cream into his home. But women are not ice cream. We’re not optional or frivolous or bad for your health. Women are like water. You actually need us to survive.

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