Pep Talk: Please Reflect the Upbeat Attitude of the Team

“I was trying to reflect the upbeat attitude of the team.” —Navy Cmdr. Dr. Sean Conley on why he misled reporters about Trump’s supplemental oxygen usage. Our team’s attitude is U-P-B-E-A-T! Go team! Look, I know things look grim. We’re metaphorically and maybe actually coughing up a lung. It’s cool though, because we have an …

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I Don’t Want to Be a Warrior

It’s easy to use the language of war to stir emotions and gin up patriotism, but it’s also irresponsible. We are not at war. We are faced with an international health crisis that will only be solved through global cooperation, sound scientific research, and proven strategies to slow the rate of contagion. It’s not as rousing as a war cry, but it’s more accurate.

A Free Press Has the Freedom to Stop Airing Dangerous Lies

I’m not arguing for censorship; I’m arguing for editorial decision making. I believe strongly in the First Amendment. I believe in freedom of the press, even when I don’t agree with the press. But if a news organization is judged by what it covers, it should also be judged by what it chooses not to cover. Sometimes turning the camera off is the most responsible decision.

Teen Workers are Valuable

These young workers often make the bare minimum, but their work is important. These workers serve your food, tear your movie tickets, teach your kids at summer camp, and ring up your purchases at the mall. Most are not doing it for fun. They work because they need the money.

We Don’t Need Martyrs

To Dan Patrick and any other senior citizens willing to die for the future economic prosperity of this country: thanks, but no thanks. Your death won’t solve a thing, but you can make a difference. You can start by recognizing that our current system is fragile and unsustainable. It isn’t working. Nothing that falls apart this quickly was particularly strong to begin with.

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