Teen Workers are Valuable

These young workers often make the bare minimum, but their work is important. These workers serve your food, tear your movie tickets, teach your kids at summer camp, and ring up your purchases at the mall. Most are not doing it for fun. They work because they need the money.

Welcome to the Real World, Ivanka

Ivanka Trump is surprised to discover the world is cruel. During an interview this weekend she said she’d encountered an unexpected “level of viciousness” since moving to Washington, D.C. Ivanka has lived too long in a cozy cocoon of wealth and power and privilege. Now she is emerging, not as a butterfly but as a common moth. She’s drawn to the light …

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The Parade Passes By

For Christmas, my mother gave me a book called The Storied South. It’s a collection of interviews, conversations, and excerpts from lectures compiled by southern folklorist William Ferris. I’ve been reading bits and pieces each day. It’s the sort of book that’s good to read in bits and pieces. Today, I was particularly struck by this observation from Margaret …

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