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Publishing Intensive: What am I Doing Wrong? I’ve Been Submitting and Nothing is Working!
10:45 a.m. – 12:15 p.m., Saturday, October 10
Lighthouse Writers Workshop (VIRTUAL CLASS)

You’ve written a book and now all you need is some agent or editor to fall in love with your story and publish it. Yet when you send out queries and sample pages, you get form rejections or, worse, no response at all. Sound familiar? The business of submitting a manuscript can be frustrating, but it needn’t be mysterious. We’ll break it down and discuss concrete strategies for positioning your manuscript (and yourself) in the best possible light. We’ll talk about common mistakes and how to avoid them. And we’ll discuss how to make sure your manuscript is really ready for submission; how to target the right agents and editors for your work; how to make your query more compelling; how to interpret and respond to rejection; and more.

This class is part of the Publishing Intensive. You must register here for the intensive in order to attend. Within one business day of your registration for the festival, a member of the Lighthouse staff will email you with registration instructions for individual craft classes. 

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