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Tag: politicians

Motivation and Bad Characters

In writing workshops someone is always asking about the motivation of your characters. What’s her motivation here? His motivation isn’t clear. I don’t see what motivates them to make these choices. In fiction, as in real life, people like to be able to understand why someone does what he does. A character who…

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Notes From a Skeptic

I grew up in a blue household deep in red America. As a result, my social media feeds run purple. Unlike many of my friends in Colorado and Mississippi, I can’t count on a nonstop echo chamber for my views. Whatever I say, someone will disagree with and I’m okay with…

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Live Humbly to Serve Well

I’ve watched some of the confirmation proceedings over the past week and I’m appalled by the sincere lack of understanding about what it means to live and work in America. It’s clear that many of these nominees have never worked a low wage job, not even in high school or college.…

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